P T L !! God hears and answers prayers.

Please Remember in Prayer!

* The families who have lost loved ones

* Widows

* Those confined to hospitals, homes or nursing homes.

* The Mission work going on in many parts of the world.

* Our military and the families / those who have & are serving

* Those who have medical needs, and individuals suffering from addictions

* Family & friends of Howard Anderson

* Family & friends of Richard Barney

* Family & Friends of Skyla Forcier -Brian, Shannon & Family

* Hazel Niemitalo (Kenny & Maria's baby)

* Jesse & Maria Matson (son Cannon has ALL leukemmia)

* Norma Muhonen

* Keaton Traffie (AML - Leukemia) (Son of Joel & Sarah Traffie)

* Maddox Hoard (Leukemia)

* Zander Traffie (son of Mike & Tonya Traffie)




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